Operation BI

Operational Business Intelligence Solutions Center

Operational Business intelligence complements traditional BI systems by enabling more people to share more information.

Bringing Business Intelligence to the Front Lines

Until people who do real work can get good data – at an operational level – your company will face a huge barrier to its potential success. You need to facilitate a culture of accountability, enabling every category of employee to be involved in solving problems. Operationally capable business intelligence (BI) allows such a culture to flourish by helping employees knowledgeably make decisions before their daily problems become corporate disasters. Operationally capable BI is proactive. It marshals all three tiers of organizational responsibility – strategic, analytical, and operational – in support of corporate initiatives. This type of BI has the potential to reduce the time between the discovery of problems or opportunities and taking action on them. It can also embed corrective action into business processes.

What It Takes
  1. Efficient, powerful integration technology to access and interconnect all data
  2. Scalability to support large deployments and volumes
  3. Intuitive information delivery to people at all tiers of responsibility

Information Builders delivers all three.