What can MALIA do?

Malia harnesses the power of AI which gives her the ability to understand the Natural language. She is capable of having a conversation with her user without getting daunted by the tone of voice. She is intelligent, fully conversational, 24/7 source of all your business insights, and note that all this without having to open any report or BI portal. Just ask MALIA..!

human computer interaction

We all know that self service BI is a revolution in the BI industry; it made the insights available to all the users. This approach to data analytics has facilitated users to work and access their company data, even if they do not have any prior knowledge in the field of statistical analysis or data mining. Similarly, with MALIA, you can get business insights, while you are on-the-move; like in a car, or jogging in a park or at the airport. Malia will your business support in times of necessity. Get insights and analytics without opening any report or browsing through BI portal. Just ask MALIA..!

digital voice based assitant
ai assitant for business

Good thing about MALIA, she doesn’t have a favorite device. She has the capacity to work with various systems without requiring any special adaptations. To put it simply, she can accommodate on any device without any hassle. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are travelling or outside office, if you need business intelligence you don’t have to wait to get to your office and login to your laptop or system to know insights, MALIA can do that from your phone at that time, at that very location. She is compatible with most of the operating systems and can work on different devices, including notebooks, tablet PCs and smart phones. Just ask MALIA on any device..!


NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a part of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can be explained as a method of communicating with an intelligent software using a natural language like English. NLP and AI addressed the friction that exists between the user and the software. MALIA is ingrained with NLP so that she understands user’s intent and AI helps her learn the user’s objective and train her to give better answers. Get quick insights by just asking MALIA..!

natural language programming
natural language generation

The question and response process gives rise to a continuous dialogue interaction between the user and Malia, and there are two ways to converse with her either by chatting or via speech. She comes with a voice and a chat input and output feature. The chat based feature facilitates self service BI anytime and anywhere without letting others know about the happenings of your business and the voice input and output feature facilitates accessing the data and making decisions, hands-free. MALIA understands the user’s command with her natural language understanding and her quicker intent detection; she comes with instant answers and throws the response in your natural language only. Type your way or just ask MALIA..!

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