Business Intelligence

Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based

Application/Product Testing

The Testing phase comprises of nearly 30% of the total software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function. Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollars of revenues for the companies. A recent analyst study stated that “finding and repairing software defects post-production, costs the average American company upward of $22 million and that 80% of software development dollars go to defect repair".

Now with software development lifecycles crashing and constant pressure to release products faster, Testing has become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence.

Infobuild India's dedicated Testing Services business unit has a comprehensive solution portfolio comprising of

  1. Business models like Testing as Managed Services which assures measurable business outcomes through improved quality processes.
  2. Investments in Specialized Testing practices comprising of Automation, Performance Testing & SOA Testing etc. for transforming critical processes.
  3. Home grown innovative solutions like Virtualization in Testing, Software as a Service (SaaS), services on lab-on-hire model and cutting edge Next Generation Testing IPs and frameworks
  4. Independent Verification and Validation Services with clear focus on entire Testing Life Cycle Management