BI Standardization: The Corporate Mandate

One BI Platform for Everyone

Companies that standardize on an enterprise business intelligence suite (EBIS) can drastically reduce the total cost of business intelligence (BI) and reporting company-wide. In a recent Unisys study, 92 percent of all large organizations said they have or will soon standardize on a single BI platform.* These organizations understand the savings that can be gained by eliminating redundant tools. And they also save by freeing up money, resources, and systems previously dedicated to supporting those disparate BI solutions.

Best of all, the decision to standardize on an EBIS empowers them to optimize corporate performance and pursue corporate initiatives with maximum coordination and visibility.

To succeed as an enterprise BI standard, a solution must:
  1. Accommodate thousands of users without prohibitive hardware costs
  2. Provide flexible reporting that improves decision-making by a wide range of users
  3. Access any enterprise data source

Information Builders' WebFOCUS is the one solution that meets all these requirements.

Business Intelligence Trends Study, August 20, 2004, Unisys Corporation.