Understands Natural Language
Malia uses natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge management and cognitive automation capabilities to give you precise, understandable and useful insights
Easy to use and integrate
Malia addresses the friction existing in the self service BI realm. It can be integrated with various platforms, applications, devices and web interfaces.
Instant Insights – Voice and Chat
Get on-demand answers to your business queries by accessing your enterprise’s knowledge data repositories before forming an intelligent, user friendly response to your query.
Device Agnostic
Malia aims to provide business benefits that are not limited by devices, access it from any device and it will function efficiently.
The ability to provide quick response to the queries asked is one of the great features of MALIA. You can count on her, and she will be at your disposal to give you insights anytime, anywhere. Each interaction is saved in cache, for future reference and for quicker responses.
Malia is a voice-driven digital assistant, designed to address the friction existing in the Self-Service BI realm to make the interaction smooth. She uses Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Intelligence to deliver instant insights and streamline the responses to make the entire user experience frictionless.
Malia has wide range of adaptors that facilitate easy integration with her user’s mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. Minimal setup, easy integration, and accessibility of business intelligence via a conversational medium are some features that set Malia apart from the traditional chatbots.
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Reduced Barriers
to Usage
Malia provides her users with the support to create linguistic intelligence which consists of defining the intent and entities, binding intent with an associated action. In other words, she has the ability to constantly learn from user interactions to become better at predicting their needs.
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24*7 highly personalized digital assistant

Get on-demand answers to your BI queries without having to open any BI portal or a report. Make quick and informed business decisions with Malia.

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all answers here if you need them

Malia comes with the voice and chat feature, if you do not want to use voice as an input, you can easily opt for chat. Just like the messaging app on your phone.

Malia is integrated using Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing which makes it easier for her to respond and understand the user’s questions in their natural language?

Yes you can use Malia on your phone, laptops, desktops or tablets, thanks to its device agnostic feature.

Operating Malia doesn’t require any technical knowledge; you can interact with the Malia interface by using chat or voice option and get answers to your business questions without actually opening any report or BI portal.

Yes it is possible for a single user to use Malia on multiple devices.

Malia is a form of AI, and is supported by complex programming. However, the way Malia answers depends on how structured or complex the question is. A structured query like: “Sales in the US today” could be answered easily. However, without the right programming, a question like “Are we killing it in the US today” may cause a traditional chatbot to respond with “I am sorry, I didn’t understand the question” or a similar response. Malia harnesses the power of AI which gives her a learning brain so she can figure out what you mean when you use “sales” and “killing” together. This deviation from a standard question will not daunt her and you can expect a reply along the lines of, “Your sales are at 5 million and you are definitely killing it in the US”.

Malia offers a range of capabilities that can be customized to suit your business. This includes defining the intent and entities, configuring those entities and binding intent with an associated action. Message processing begins from understanding what the user is asking. The intent classification module identifies the intent of the user’s message. Typically it is selected from a number of predefined intents, but Malia can identify multiple intents from one message. Intent classification can use contextual information, which is generally your business data. The entity recognition module then extracts structured bits of information from the message. The candidate response generator does all the domain-specific calculations to process the user’s request. It can use different algorithms, call a few external APIs, or even ask a human to help with the response generation. Finally, the response selector scores all the responses and selects the best response.

Malia is running on an Https protocol and it is completely secured to use and integrate.